A glass fiber sheet-based electroosmotic lateral flow immunoassay for point-of-care testing

Yuriko Oyama, Toshihisa Osaki, Koki Kamiya, Ryuji Kawano, Tsutomu Honjoh, Haruki Shibata, Toru Ide, Shoji Takeuchi

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We have developed a quantitative immunoassay chip targeting point-of-care testing. To implement a lateral flow immunoassay, a glass fiber sheet was chosen as the material for the microfluidic channel in which the negative charge on the fiber surfaces efficiently generates the electroosmotic flow (EOF). The EOF, in turn, allows controllable bound/free separation of antigen/antibody interactions on the chip and enables precise determination of the antigen concentration. In addition, the defined size of the porous matrix was suitable for the filtration of undesired large particles. We confirmed the linear relationship between the concentration of analyte and the resulting fluorescence intensity from the immunoassay of two model analytes, C-reactive protein (CRP) and insulin, demonstrating that analyte concentration was quantitatively determined within the developed chip in 20 min. The limits of detection were 8.5 ng mL-1 and 17 ng mL-1 for CRP and insulin, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5155-5159
Number of pages5
JournalLab on a Chip
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - Dec 21 2012
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