A pericycle-localized silicon transporter for efficient xylem loading in rice

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Rice is able to accumulate high concentrations of silicon (Si) in the shoots, and this ability is required for the mitigation of abiotic and biotic stresses. Although transporters for Si uptake have been identified, a transporter for the xylem loading of Si has not been found. We functionally characterized a Si transporter, OsLsi3, in terms of tissue-specific localization, knockout line phenotype and mathematic simulation. OsLsi3 was shown to be an efflux Si transporter. OsLsi3 was mainly expressed in the mature root region, and its expression was downregulated by Si. Immunostaining with a specific antibody showed that OsLsi3 was localized to the pericycle in the roots, without polarity. However, when it was expressed under the control of the OsLsi2 promoter, OsLsi3 became polarly localized to the proximal side of both the exodermis and endodermis. Knockout of this gene resulted in decreased Si uptake and concentration in the xylem sap under low Si supply, but not under high Si supply. Mathematical modeling showed that localization of OsLsi3 to the pericycle accounts for c. 30% of the total Si loading to the xylem under low Si concentrations. In summary, OsLsi3 was involved in the xylem loading of Si in rice roots, which is required for the efficient root-to-shoot translocation of Si.

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JournalNew Phytologist
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2022


  • mathematical modeling
  • Oryza sativa
  • OsLsi3
  • rice
  • rice pericycle
  • root
  • silicon transporter
  • xylem loading

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