A rapid and enhanced DNA detection method for crop cultivar discrimination

Yuki Monden, Kazuto Takasaki, Satoshi Futo, Kousuke Niwa, Mitsuo Kawase, Hiroto Akitake, Makoto Tahara

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In many crops species, the development of a rapid and precise cultivar discrimination system has been required for plant breeding and patent protection of plant cultivars and agricultural products. Here, we successfully evaluated strawberry cultivars via a novel method, namely, the single tag hybridization (STH) chromatographic printed array strip (PAS) using the PCR products of eight genomic regions. In a previous study, we showed that genotyping of eight genomic regions derived from FaRE1 retrotransposon insertion site enabled to discriminate 32 strawberry cultivars precisely, however, this method required agarose/acrylamide gel electrophoresis, thus has the difficulty for practical application. In contrast, novel DNA detection method in this study has some great advantages over standard DNA detection methods, including agarose/acrylamide gel electrophoresis, because it produces signals for DNA detection with dramatically higher sensitivity in a shorter time without any preparation or staining of a gel. Moreover, this method enables the visualization of multiplex signals simultaneously in a single reaction using several independent amplification products. We expect that this novel method will become a rapid and convenient cultivar screening assay for practical purposes, and will be widely applied to various situations, including laboratory research, and on-site inspection of plant cultivars and agricultural products.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-62
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of biotechnology
Publication statusPublished - Sept 20 2014


  • Cultivar discrimination
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Practical application
  • Retrotransposon
  • Strawberry

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  • Bioengineering
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