A transparent and photo-patternable superhydrophobic film

Xintong Zhang, Hiroki Kono, Zhaoyue Liu, Shunsuke Nishimoto, Donald A. Tryk, Taketoshi Murakami, Hideki Sakai, Masahiko Abe, Akira Fujishima

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A transparent superhydrophobic TiO2 film, prepared by spin-coating a TiO2 slurry on a glass substrate and modifying the resultant TiO2 film with fluoroalkylsilane molecules, was patterned by illumination with ultraviolet light through a photomask, producing a superhydrophobic/superhydrophilic surface micropattern with very small superhydrophilic areas, which we were able to selectively fill with alginate hydrogel.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4949-4951
Number of pages3
JournalChemical Communications
Issue number46
Publication statusPublished - 2007
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