Analysis of carboxy terminal domain of metalloprotease of elastolytic Aeromonas hydrophila

Eizo Takahashi, Hidetomo Kobayashi, Hiroyasu Yamanaka, Mayu Nakanishi, Arisa Tateishi, Takemi Abe, Sakae Arimoto, Tomoe Negishi, Keinosuke Okamoto

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We examined the ability of Aeromonas hydrophila to lyse elastin. Eight of 13 strains showed elastolytic activity on agar medium containing elastin and 5 strains did not. In order to examine the involvement of the metalloprotease of A. hydrophila (AMP) in elastolytic activity, we made the amp-deletion mutant strain from an elastolytic strain. The elastolytic activity of the strain decreased with this deletion. The analysis of AMP released into the culture supernatant showed that AMP appeared outside of the cell as the intermediate consisting of a mature domain and carboxy terminal (C-terminal) propeptide domain. Further analysis showed that the intermediate has the ability to lyse elastin and that loss of the C-terminal domain causes loss of the elastolytic activity of the intermediate. We then determined the nucleotide sequence of the amps of all strains used in this study. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that these AMPs were divided into three groups. The AMPs from elastolytic strains belong to group I or group II, and AMPs from non-elastolytic strains belong to group III. The distance between group I and group II is small, but group III is located separately from groups I and II. Comparison of the amino acid residues of the C-terminal domain revealed that there are 13 amino acid residues specific to the C-terminal domain of group III. This indicates that the conformation of the C-terminal propeptide domain formed by these specific amino acid residues is important for AMP to express elastolytic activity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1174-1182
Number of pages9
JournalBiological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2013


  • Aeromonas hydrophila
  • Elastolytic activity
  • Metalloprotease

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