ARPES studies of Pb substituted Bi2201 compounds

T. Takeuchi, H. Ding, J. C. Campuzano, T. Yokoya, T. Takahashi, I. Chong, T. Terashima, M. Takano

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We report angle-resolved photoemission of overdoped Bi1.80Pb0.38Sr2.01CuO6 with different Tc's of 4, 8, and 20 K. All samples show similar large Fermi surfaces, centered at (π, π). However, the spectral function linewidth decreases as doping increases. The 4K sample is found to have the typical Fermi liquid linewidth. Comparison is also made to the two layer Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 compound.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)999-1000
Number of pages2
JournalPhysica C: Superconductivity and its applications
Issue numberPART 2
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1997
Externally publishedYes

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