Atmospheric column-averaged mole fractions of carbon dioxide at 53 aircraft measurement sites

Y. Miyamoto, M. Inoue, I. Morino, O. Uchino, T. Yokota, T. Machida, Y. Sawa, H. Matsueda, C. Sweeney, P. P. Tans, A. E. Andrews, P. K. Patra

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Atmospheric column-averaged mole fractions of carbon dioxide (XCO 2) at 53 locations around the world were derived from aircraft measurements covering the altitude range of about 1-10 km. We used CO 2 vertical profile measurements from three major carbon cycle programs, a global climatological data set of air number density profiles and tropopause height for calculating XCO2 for the period of 2007-2009. Vertical profiles of the CO2 mixing ratio are complemented by tall tower data up to 400m from the earth's surface and by simulated profiles in the stratosphere from a chemistry-transport model. The amplitude of the seasonal cycle of calculated XCO2 values shows clear latitudinal dependence, and the amplitude decreases from about 10 ppm at high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere to at most 2 ppm in the tropics and the Southern Hemisphere. The uncertainties of XCO2 were estimated from assumptions about CO 2 profiles for each flight. Typically, uncertainties were less than 1 ppm; thus, this data set is within the level of uncertainty needed for primary validation of XCO2 measurements by the Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite (GOSAT) and by future satellite missions for monitoring greenhouse gases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5265-5275
Number of pages11
JournalAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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