Attenuation Effects of Alpha-Pinene Inhalation on Mice with Dizocilpine-Induced Psychiatric-Like Behaviour

Hiroshi Ueno, Atsumi Shimada, Shunsuke Suemitsu, Shinji Murakami, Naoya Kitamura, Kenta Wani, Yosuke Matsumoto, Motoi Okamoto, Takeshi Ishihara

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α-Pinene, an organic terpene compound found in coniferous trees, is used as a safe food additive and is contained in many essential oils. Moreover, some studies have shown that α-pinene suppresses neuronal activity. In this study, we investigated whether inhalation of α-pinene suppresses dizocilpine (MK-801-) induced schizophrenia-like behavioural abnormalities in mice. Mice inhaled α-pinene 1 h before the first MK-801 injection. Thirty minutes after MK-801 injection, the open field, spontaneous locomotor activity, elevated plus maze, Y-maze, tail suspension, hot plate, and grip strength tests were conducted as behavioural experiments. Inhalation of α-pinene suppressed the activity of mice in the spontaneous locomotor activity test and although it did not suppress the MK-801-induced increased locomotor activity in the open field test, it remarkably decreased the time that the mice remained in the central area. Inhalation of α-pinene suppressed the MK-801-induced increased total distance travelled in the Y-maze test, whereas it did not alter the MK-801-induced reduced threshold of antinociception in the hot plate test. In the tail suspension and grip strength tests, there was no effect on mouse behaviour by administration of MK-801 and inhalation of α-pinene. These results suggest that α-pinene acts to reduce MK-801-induced behavioural abnormalities resembling those seen in neuropsychiatric disorders. Therefore, both medicinal plants and essential oils containing α-pinene may have potential for therapeutic treatment of schizophrenia.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2745453
JournalEvidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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