Boron uptake in rice is regulated post-translationally via a clathrin-independent pathway

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Uptake of boron (B) in rice (Oryza sativa) is mediated by the Low silicon rice 1 (OsLsi1) channel, belonging to the NOD26-like intrinsic protein III subgroup, and the efflux transporter B transporter 1 (OsBOR1). However, it is unknown how these transporters cooperate for B uptake and how they are regulated in response to B fluctuations. Here, we examined the response of these two transporters to environmental B changes at the transcriptional and posttranslational level. OsBOR1 showed polar localization at the proximal side of both the exodermis and endodermis of mature root region, forming an efficient uptake system with OsLsi1 polarly localized at the distal side of the same cell layers. Expression of OsBOR1 and OsLsi1 was unaffected by B deficiency and excess. However, although OsLsi1 protein did not respond to high B at the protein level, OsBOR1 was degraded in response to high B within hours, which was accompanied with a significant decrease of total B uptake. The high B-induced degradation of OsBOR1 was inhibited in the presence of MG-132, a proteasome inhibitor, without disturbance of the polar localization. In contrast, neither the high B-induced degradation of OsBOR1 nor its polarity was affected by induced expression of dominant-negative mutated dynamin-related protein 1A (OsDRP1AK47A) or knockout of the mu subunit (AP2M) of adaptor protein-2 complex, suggesting that clathrin-mediated endocytosis is not involved in OsBOR1 degradation and polar localization. These results indicate that, in contrast to Arabidopsis thaliana, rice has a distinct regulatory mechanism for B uptake through clathrin-independent degradation of OsBOR1 in response to high B.

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