Chronic kidney disease Japan cohort (CKD-JAC) Study: Design and methods

Enyu Imai, Seiichi Matsuo, Hirofumi Makino, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Tadao Akizawa, Kosaku Nitta, Satoshi Iimuro, Yasuo Ohashi, Akira Hishida

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The prevalence and incidence of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in Japan are the highest and the third highest, respectively, in the world, while the incidence of cardiac death in Japan is the lowest among developed countries. A recent study showed that the prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD), defined as an estimated glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of less than 60 mL/min/1.73 m2, is extremely high in Japan, about 20% of the adult population. However, the risk of ESRD and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the CKD population has not been determined nationwide. For this observational study, we will establish a Chronic Kidney Disease Japan Cohort (CKD-JAC) by enrolling 3,000 patients with CKD in 17 clinical centers around Japan, which will be used to determine the incidence of ESRD and CVD in Japanese CKD patients. Risk factors associated with the development of CVD will also be examined. Comorbidity of diabetes in CKD patients will be analyzed to determine whether it is a risk for rapid progression of CKD and high incidence of CVD. In addition, we will study whether the burden of CKD decreases the QOL of patients, and increases hospitalization or health resource utilization. Insights from the CKD-JAC study will provide a basis for future interventional trials focused on reducing the burden of ESRD and CVD in patients with CKD in Japan.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1101-1107
Number of pages7
JournalHypertension Research
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2008


  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Heart failure
  • Proteinuria
  • Stroke
  • Time to event analysis

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