Detection of Male Hypogonadism in Patients with Post COVID‐19 Condition

Yukichika Yamamoto, Yuki Otsuka, Naruhiko Sunada, Kazuki Tokumasu, Yasuhiro Nakano, Hiroyuki Honda, Yasue Sakurada, Hideharu Hagiya, Yoshihisa Hanayama, Fumio Otsuka

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The pathogenesis and prognosis of post COVID‐19 condition have remained unclear. We set up an outpatient clinic specializing in long COVID in February 2021 and we have been investigating post COVID‐19 condition. Based on the results of our earlier study showing that “general fatigue” mimicking myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is the most common symptom in long COVID patients, a retrospective analysis was performed for 39 male patients in whom serum free testosterone (FT) levels were measured out of 61 male patients who visited our clinic. We analyzed the medical records of the patients’ backgrounds, symptoms and laboratory results. Among the 39 patients, 19 patients (48.7%) met the criteria for late‐onset hypogonadism (LOH; FT < 8.5 pg/mL: LOH group) and 14 patients were under 50 years of age. A weak negative correlation was found between age and serum FT level (r = −0.301, p = 0.0624). Symptoms including general fatigue, anxiety, cough and hair loss were more frequent in the LOH group than in the non‐LOH group (FT ≥ 8.5 pg/mL). Among various laboratory parameters, blood hemoglobin level was slightly, but significantly, lower in the LOH group. Serum level of FT was positively correlated with the levels of blood hemoglobin and serum total protein and albumin in the total population, whereas these interrelationships were blurred in the LOH group. Collectively, the results indicate that the incidence of LOH is relatively high in male patients, even young male patients, with post COVID‐19 and that serum FT measurement is useful for revealing occult LOH status in patients with long COVID.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1955
JournalJournal of Clinical Medicine
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Apr 1 2022


  • fatigue
  • hypogonadism
  • LOH syndrome
  • long COVID
  • testosterone

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