Effectiveness of Screening and Brief Alcohol Intervention at the Workplace: A Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial at Five Japan-Based Companies

Yuki Kuwabara, Aya Kinjo, Maya Fujii, Ruriko Minobe, Hitoshi Maesato, Susumu Higuchi, Hisashi Yoshimoto, Maki Jike, Yuichiro Otsuka, Osamu Itani, Yoshitaka Kaneita, Hideyuki Kanda, Yoneatsu Osaki

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Background Despite evidence regarding the effectiveness of screening and brief interventions for excessive alcohol use in primary care, these tools are not a part of routine practice. It has been suggested that using these tools at the workplace may be critical to alcohol-associated harm; however, evidence for this claim is unclear. The aim of this article is to develop a study protocol which evaluates the effect of brief alcohol intervention at the workplace to reduce harmful alcohol drinking. Methods A randomized controlled trial involving employees (aged 20–74 years) of five Japan-based companies who were screened “positive” by Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) is ongoing. Participants were randomized into “Patient Information Leaflet” (control group), “Brief Advice and Counselling,” and “Five-minute Brief Advice” groups. A self-administered questionnaire was used to assess alcohol consumption, lifestyle behavior, health status, work performance, and consequences of alcohol use. Data of laboratory markers were collected from routine health checkups. Results A total of 351 participants were randomized into Patient Information Leaflet (n = 111), Brief Advice and Counselling (n = 128), and Five-minute Brief Advice (n = 112) groups. Participants were mostly men with a median age of 49 years. Median AUDIT score and weekly alcohol consumption were 11 points and 238 g/week, respectively. Two-thirds of the participants were manufacturing workers. Conclusion This study protocol developed the first trial in Japan to investigate the effect of brief alcohol intervention combined with a recommended screening tool at the workplace. Our findings can provide evidence on the effectiveness and relevance of these tools to occupational health.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)330-338
Number of pages9
JournalYonago Acta Medica
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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  • Brief intervention
  • Excessive alcohol drinking
  • Prevention
  • Workplace

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