Electrokinetic study of migration of anions, cations, and water in water-saturated compacted sodium montmorillonite

Shingo Tanaka, Natsuko Noda, Seichi Sato, Tamotsu Kozaki, Haruo Sato, Koichiro Hatanaka

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Electromigration studies of 36Cl- ions and 22Na+ ions, and electro-osmosis of water traced with HTO and H2 18O were conducted with water-saturated compacted sodium montmorillonite having dry densities from 0.8 to 1.6 Mg/m3. The mobilities and dispersivities for each species were obtained from the apparent electromigration velocities and hydrodynamic dispersion coefficients, respectively. When corrected by water flow, the apparent diffusion coefficients of Cl- ions obtained from the Einstein relation are in good agreement with the coefficients obtained from an earlier conventional diffusion experiment in the high dry densities (above 1.3 Mg/m3). This result suggests that the migration pathways of Cl- ions are nearly identical to those of water above 1.3 Mg/m3. The former diffusion coefficient is smaller than the latter in the low dry densities (below 1.3 Mg/m 3), suggesting that Cl- ions migrate in the region distant from the montmorillonite sheets. In contrast, for Na+ ions, the obtained Da values without water flow correction are in good agreement with conventional values at all dry densities. This suggests that Na+ ions migrate mainly in the interlayer and the vicinity of montmorillonite sheets. The dispersivities increase with increasing dry densities for all species. This corresponds to a geometrical complexity that increases with increasing dry density.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)454-462
Number of pages9
Journaljournal of nuclear science and technology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2011
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  • Anion exclusion
  • Bentonite
  • Diffusion
  • Dispersion
  • Dispersivity
  • Einstein relation
  • Electro-osmosis
  • Electrokinetics
  • Mobility
  • Montmorillonite

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