Enterovaginal and colovesical fistulas as late complications of pelvic radiotherapy

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A 72-year-old Japanese woman presented with a fever, diarrhea, intermittent spotting, and constant fluid discharge from the vagina. Imaging studies revealed an enterovaginal fistula. She underwent radical hysterectomy and radiotherapy 35 years previously. She also had a surgical history of nephrostomy, nephrectomy, ileoascending anastomosis, and colostomy. As bleeding from the enterovaginal fistula was uncontrollable, ileocecal resection was performed. However, a colovesical fistula with urinary tract infection occurred 3 months later. The present case indicates that fistula formation occurs and causes various symptoms in patients who underwent postpelvic radiotherapy, particularly in those with prior surgeries in the irradiated field.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalJournal of General and Family Medicine
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Publication statusPublished - Sept 2018


  • colovesical fistula
  • enterovaginal fistula
  • gastrointestinal fistula
  • radiation-related complications
  • urinary tract infection

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