Evaluation of the Geenius HIV 1/2 confirmatory assay for HIV-2 samples isolated in Japan

Japanese Drug Resistance HIV-1 Surveillance Network

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Background: Although the number of HIV-2-infected individuals is quite low in Japan, at least three groups of HIV-2 (A, B and CRF01_AB) have been detected thus far. In particular, CRF01_AB HIV-2 cases have been found only in limited areas, Cote d'Ivoire and Japan. Here, we demonstrate that Geenius HIV 1/2 Confirmatory Assay (Geenius, Bio–Rad Laboratories) is able to detect HIV-2 samples, including groups A, B and CRF01_AB, isolated in Japan. Study design: A total of 57 plasma samples, including three panels (Ⅰ: HIV-2-positive samples [n=9], Ⅱ: HIV-1 infection with HIV-2 antibody cross-reactivity samples [n=37], and Ⅲ: HIV negative with biological false-positive HIV-2 samples [n=11]) were tested by Geenius. Results: Geenius determined Panel I to be “HIV-2 positive with/without HIV-1 cross-reactivity (n=4, respectively)”, including HIV-2 group A and CRF01_AB. In the case with HIV-2 group B, all bands were detected, resulting in a Geenius interpretation of “HIV positive untypable”. Geenius classified Panels II and III as “HIV-1 positive (n=37)” or “HIV negative (n=9)”, “HIV indeterminate (n=1)” and “HIV-2 indeterminate (n=1)”, suggesting 95.8% HIV-2 differentiation by Geenius. Conclusions: With Geenius, there were fewer false-positives for HIV-1/-2 negativity and fewer cross-reactions with HIV-2 among HIV-1-positive samples. Additionally, the assay could detect HIV-2 genetic group CRF01_AB. Geenius can be expected to be a useful diagnostic tool that is an alternative to conventional Western blotting.

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Article number105189
JournalJournal of Clinical Virology
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2022
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  • CRF01_AB HIV-2
  • false positive
  • HIV-2
  • HIV1/2 confirmatory assay
  • Human immunodeficiency virus

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