Exploratory Use Of “Tv-Endoscope” To The Laparoscopy Aimed To Develop “Tv-Laparoscope”

Kiwamu Okita, Takaro Esaki, Hiroshi Nawata, Mitsuru Yasunaga, Yasushi Shingai, Yuji Kado, Keiki Ogino, Keijiro Ando, Yohei Fukumoto, Tadayoshi Takemoto

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Exploratory use of “TV-Endoscope” as the laparoscopy, which was manufactured co-operatively by Machida Co. and Toshiba Medical Co., was reported. This new type of endoscope has an electronic charge-coupled device sensor instead of fiberoptic bundle for imaging. Therefore, the image is clearly visualized on a television monitor. In the case of fatty liver, the image taken by this new apparatus was stereographic. Because, so-called yellow marking due to fatty deopsit in the hepatocytes protruded slightly from the liver surface. Such finding was never observed by ordinary laparoscopy. Furthermore, this new type of endoscope was easy to handle as a laparoscope, as compared with ordinary one. In conclusion, a further development of “TV-Laparoscope” will be strongly expected. If it is possible to manufacture it, “TV-Laparoscope” may open other possibilities such as computer enhancement of the image or computer analysis of the colour which has been argued very much among the laparoscopists.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)761-764_1
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1986
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