Flavonol glucuronides and C-glucosidic ellagitannins from Melaleuca squarrosa

Morio Yoshimura, Hideyuki Ito, Kyoko Miyashita, Tsutomu Hatano, Shoko Taniguchi, Yoshiaki Amakura, Takashi Yoshida

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Two flavonoids and three ellagitannins, squarrosanins A, B, and C, were isolated from the leaves of Melaleuca squarrosa. The flavonoids were characterized structurally as kaempferol-3-O-(2″-O-galloyl)-glucuronide and herbacetin-3-O-glucuronide, while the ellagitannins were characterized as monomeric and dimeric C-glucosidic ellagitannins by application of spectroscopic and chemical methods. The antioxidant effect of the polyphenolic constituents of the M. squarrosa leaves was also examined in vitro, and C-glucosidic tannins including oligomers were shown to be more effective radical scavengers against 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) than flavonoids and ordinary ellagitannins.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3062-3069
Number of pages8
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2008
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  • Antioxidant
  • C-Glucosidic ellagitannin
  • Flavonol glucuronide
  • Melaleuca squarrosa
  • Myrtaceae
  • Squarrosanin A
  • Squarrosanin B
  • Squarrosanin C

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