Flowfield characteristics of a transverse jet into supersonic flow with pseudo-shock wave

H. Yamauchi, B. Choi, K. Takae, T. Kouchi, G. Masuya

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We performed an experimental investigation of the flowfield of a transverse jet into supersonic flow with a pseudo-shock wave (PSW). In this study, we injected compressed air as the injectant, simulating hydrocarbon fuel. A back pressure control valve generated PSW into Mach 2. 5 supersonic flow and controlled its position. The positions of PSW were set at nondimensional distance from the injector by the duct height (x/H) of -1. 0, -2. 5, and -4. 0. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) gave us the velocity of the flowfield. Mie scattering of oil mist only with the jet was used to measure the spread of the injectant. Furthermore, gas sampling measurements at the exit of the test section were carried out to determine the injectant mole fraction distributions. Gas sampling data qualitatively matched the intensity of Mie scattering. PIV measurements indicated that far-upstream PSW decelerated the flow speed of the main stream and developed the boundary layer on the wall of the test section. The flow speed deceleration at the corner of the test section was remarkable. The PSW produced nonuniformity in the main stream and reduced the momentum flux of the main stream in front of the injector. The blowing ratio, defined as the square root of the momentum flux ratio, of the jet and the main stream considering the effect of the boundary layer thickness was shown to be a useful parameter to explain the jet behavior.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)533-545
Number of pages13
JournalShock Waves
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2012
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  • Dual-mode ramjet engine
  • Particle image velocimetry
  • Pseudo-shock wave
  • Supersonic flow
  • Transverse jet injection

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