Forge-hardened TiZr null-matrix alloy for neutron scattering under extreme conditions

Takuo Okuchi, Akinori Hoshikawa, Toru Ishigaki

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    For neutron scattering research that is performed under extreme conditions, such as high static pressures, high-strength metals that are transparent to the neutron beam are required. The diffraction of the neutron beam by the metal, which follows Bragg’s law, can be completely removed by alloying two metallic elements that have coherent scattering lengths with opposite signs. An alloy of Ti and Zr, which is known as a TiZr null-matrix alloy, is an ideal combination for such purposes. In this study, we increased the hardness of a TiZr null-matrix alloy via extensive mechanical deformation at high temperatures. We successfully used the resulting product in a high-pressure cell designed for high-static-pressure neutron scattering. This hardened TiZr null-matrix alloy may play a complementary role to normal TiZr alloy in future neutron scattering research under extreme conditions.

    Original languageEnglish
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    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - Dec 9 2015


    • High pressure
    • Neutron scattering
    • Null-matrix alloy
    • TiZr

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