Genome organization of Xestia c-nigrum granulovirus

Chie Goto, Tohru Hayakawa, Susumu Maeda

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In order to characterize the genome organization of Xestia c-nigrum granulovirus (XcGV), mapping of putative XcGV genes was performed by construction of lambda and M13 phage libraries followed by Southern blot and nucleotide sequencing analyses. Mapping of the lambda (32 clones covering the entire XcGV genome) and M13 (133 clones made by random cloning) phage library clones was carried out by hybridization of the labeled lambda phage clone DNAs to 1) Southern blotted XcGV genomic DNA fragments cleaved with EcoRI, BamHI, or HindIII, and 2) dot blotted M13 clone DNAs. All 133 M13 clone DNAs were sequenced, and coding possibilities were investigated by computer-assisted homology search; in total, about 43 kb of the genome was sequenced. Amino acid sequence homology searches of 67 M13 clones suggested that these GV DNAs coded for previously characterized genes identified in nucleopolyhedroviruses (NPVs) and GVs. These 67 M13 clones were classified into 25 gene homolog groups (including 29 putative genes) based on their homologies to NPV and GV genes. The remaining M13 clones, except one that encoded a putative metalloproteinase, did not possess deduced amino acid sequences with significant homology to proteins in gene databases. Complete nucleotide sequences of the putative XcGV DNA polymerase and Ac144 homolog genes confirmed the reliability of our speculation of putative genes based on the M13 clones sequencing analysis. In a comparison of relative locations of putative XcGV genes with locations of their homologs in NPVs, most XcGV genes were mapped close to the corresponding locations in NPV genomes. These results suggested that XcGV, compared to NPVs, had relatively conserved gene arrangements, although about 22 kb of 43 kb of DNA sequenced randomly in the XcGV genome consisted of sequences/genes non-homologous to those of previously characterized NPVs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)199-210
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JournalVirus Genes
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1998
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  • Baculovirus
  • DNA polymerase
  • Granulovirus
  • Matrix metalloprotease
  • Xestia c-nigrum

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