Group-level group identity as a basis of a group

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The aim of this study was to examine group-level group identity (GGI), which is defined as group identity within a whole group and which may be an essential element for a collection of people to be a group. Multilevel structural equation modeling (ML-SEM) was used to test the prediction that GGI would have a positive effect on interaction, emotional bond, and interdependence among group members in the grouplevel model. If so, GGI could be considered as an essential element for a collection of people to be a group. University students (137 men, 104 women) completed a questionnaire (Study 1) and took part in an experiment in which 32 experimental groups (37 men, 55 women) were formed (Study 2). The results supported the prediction in both studies: GGI had positive influences on interactions, emotional bonds, and interdependence among group members.

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  • Social identity

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