Identification of miR-1 as a micro RNA that supports late-stage differentiation of growth cartilage cells

Kumi Sumiyoshi, Satoshi Kubota, Toshihiro Ohgawara, Kazumi Kawata, Takashi Nishida, Tsuyoshi Shimo, Takashi Yamashiro, Masaharu Takigawa

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The process of endochondral ossification is strictly regulated by a variety of extracellular and intracellular factors. Recently, it has become recognized that specific miRNAs are involved in this process by regulating the expression of the relevant genes at the post-transcriptional level. In this present study we obtained the first evidence of the involvement of a specific micro RNA (miRNA) in the regulation of the chondrocyte phenotype during late stages of differentiation. By use of the microarray technique, miR-1 was identified as this miRNA, the expression of which was most repressed upon hypertrophic differentiation. Transfection of human chondrocytic HCS-2/8 cells and chicken normal chondrocytes with miR-1 led to repressed expression of aggrecan, the major cartilaginous proteoglycan gene. Therefore, miR-1 was found to be involved in the regulation of the chondrocytic phenotype and thus to play an important role in chondrocytes during the late stage of the differentiation process, maintaining the integrity of the cartilage tissue.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)286-290
Number of pages5
JournalBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Nov 12 2010


  • Chondrocyte
  • Differentiation
  • Gene regulation
  • Hypertrophy
  • MiRNA

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  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
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