Interaction of α-taxilin localized on intracellular components with the microtubule cytoskeleton

Yukimi Horii, Satoru Nogami, Yoji Kawano, Takako Kaneko-Kawano, Natsuko Ohtomo, Tomoaki Tomiya, Hiromichi Shirataki

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Intracellular vesicle traffic plays an essential role in the establishment and maintenance of organelle identity and biosynthetic transport. We have identified α-taxilin as a binding partner of the syntaxin family, which is involved in intracellular vesicle traffic. Recently, we have found that α-taxilin is over-expressed in malignant tissues including hepatocellular carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma. However, a precise role of α- taxilin in intracellular vesicle traffic and carcinogenesis remains unclear. Then, we first investigated here the intracellular distribution of α-taxilin in Hela cells. Immunofluorescence studies showed that α-taxilin distributes throughout the cytoplasm and exhibits a tubulo-vesicular pattern. Biochemical studies showed that α-taxilin is abundantly localized on intracellular components as a peripheral membrane protein. Moreover, we found that α-taxilin distributes in microtubule-dependent and syntaxin-independent manners, that α-taxilin directly binds to polymerized tubulin in vitro, and that N-ethylmaleimide but not brefeldin A affects the intracellular distribution of α-taxilin. These results indicate that α-taxilin is localized on intracellular components in a syntaxin-independent manner and that the α-taxilin-containing intracellular components are associated with the microtubule cytoskeleton and suggest that α-taxilin functions as a linker protein between the α-taxilin-containing intracellular components and the microtubule cytoskeleton.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)111-126
Number of pages16
JournalCell structure and function
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2012
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  • Snare
  • Syntaxin
  • Tubulin
  • Vesicle transport
  • α-taxilin

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