Laminar flows through a curved rectangular duct over a wide range of the aspect ratio

Shinichiro Yanase, Yoshito Kaga, Ryuji Daikai

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    The laminar flow in a curved rectangular duct for a range of the aspect ratio 1 ≤ l ≤ 12 is investigated by use of the spectral method. The steady solutions are obtained using the Newton-Raphson method with the symmetry condition. As a result, five branches of steady solutions are found. Linear stability characteristics are also investigated for all the steady solutions. It is found that one steady solution is linearly stable for most of l, but two linearly stable steady solutions exist for a region of small l and there are several intervals of l where there is no linearly stable steady solution. We performed time-evolution calculations with and without the symmetry condition, and observed periodic oscillations with the symmetry condition and aperiodic time evolutions without the symmetric condition. Finally, the present results numerically suggest that what determines which solution is realizable may be the maximum of the momentum transfer in the cross section.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)151-183
    Number of pages33
    JournalFluid Dynamics Research
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - Sept 2002


    • Bifurcation analysis
    • Curved rectangular duct
    • Linear stability
    • Spectral method

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    • Mechanical Engineering
    • General Physics and Astronomy
    • Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes


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