Larger sagittal inter-screw distance/tibial width ratio reduces delayed union or non-union after arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis

Suguru Yokoo, Kenta Saiga, Koji Demiya, Hideki Ohashi, Masahiro Horita, Toshihumi Ozaki

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Background: Arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis (AAA) has risks of complications, such as delayed union and non-union. The number and direction of the inserted screws have been reported as important factors affecting the time to union of AAA. However, the ratio of inter-screw distance (ISD) to tibial width (TW) in different planes has not been investigated. Therefore, we aimed to explore the effect of this ratio on bone union following AAA. Methods: We retrospectively enrolled 63 patients (64 ankles) undergoing AAA from 2013 to 2019. Then, their age, body mass index (BMI), sex, diabetes mellitus (DM) status, Takakura–Tanaka classification, number of screws and radiographic parameters were analysed. Results: The patients had a mean age of 70.3 (range, 45–91) years. Bone fusion was achieved in 57 ankles (89%) in a mean period of 3.3 (range, 2–6) postoperative months. There were four cases of delayed union and three of non-union. No significant differences in age, BMI, sex, DM, Takakura–Tanaka classification, and number of screws could be detected between the groups. However, the sagittal ISD/TW ratio was significantly larger in the union group than in the delayed/non-union group with a cut-off value of 57.0%. Conclusion: Larger sagittal ISD/TW ratios result in reduced post-AAA delayed union or non-union. The surgeon should be aware that the anterior and posterior screw widths should be approximately 60% or more of the anteroposterior width of the tibia.

Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2022


  • Arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis
  • Coronal ratio
  • Delayed union
  • Inter-screw distance
  • Non-union
  • Sagittal ratio
  • Tibial width

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