Microtubule and microfilament dynamics in porcine oocytes during meiotic maturation

Nam Hyung Kim, Hiroaki Funahashi, Randall S. Prather, Gerald Schatten, Billy N. Day

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Microtubule and microfilament organization in porcine oocytes during maturation in vivo and in vitro was imaged by immunocytochemistry and laser scanning confocal microscopy. At the germinal vesicle stage, microtubules were not detected in the oocyte. After germinal vesicle breakdown, a small microtubule aster was observed near the condensed chromatin. During the prometaphase stage, microtubule asters were found in association with each chromatin mass. The asters then elongated and encompassed the chromatin at the metaphase-I stage. At anaphase-I and telophase-I microtubules were detected in the meiotic spindle. Microtubules were observed only in the second meiotic spindle at the metaphase-II stage. The meiotic spindle was a symmetric, barrel-shaped structure containing anastral broad poles, located peripherally and radially oriented. Taxol, a microtubule-stabilizing agent, did not induce microtubules in oocytes at the germinal vesicle stage. After germinal vesicle breakdown, numerous cytoplasmic loci of microtubules were formed in the entire oocyte when oocytes were incubated in the presence of taxol. Microfilaments were observed as a relatively thick uniform area around the cell cortex and were also found throughout the cytoplasm of oocytes at the germinal vesicle stage. After germinal vesicle breakdown, the microfilaments were concentrated close to the female chromatin. During prometaphase, microfilaments were chromatin moved to the peripheral position. At metaphase-I, two domains, a thick and a thin microfilament area, existed in the egg cortex. Chromosomes were located in the thick microfilament domain of the cortex. In summary, these results suggest that both micro tubules and microfilaments are closely involved with chromosomal dynamics after germinal vesicle breakdown and during meiotic maturation in porcine oocytes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)248-255
Number of pages8
JournalMolecular Reproduction and Development
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1996
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  • Meiotic maturation
  • Microfilaments
  • Microtubules
  • Ova
  • Porcine

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