New era of cardiac stem cell therapy in heart failure

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Despite of plethora of reports on stem cell transplantation leading to neovascularization in infarct models, whether sustaining clinical benefit in post-myocardial infarction patients is manifested by myocyte repair remains unclear. Cardiac muscle regeneration in adult heart is thought to occur through the mobilization and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in bone marrow origin, however, recent studies have suggested that substantial cardiac stem cells may exist in the heart itself, repopulating the damaged cardiac muscle during injury or aging processes. The implications of cardiac stem cells-based myocyte plasticity have recently begun to define in human heart, neither arisen from bone marrow nor circulating precursors. Introduction of cardiac stem cells may improve myocardial function, but several hurdles exist and should be coaxed far beyond the clinical application of cardiac regenerative therapies. On-going investigations may lead to the discovery of mediators of cardiac stem cells migration, proliferation and differentiation that, in turn, might result in the mending of the broken heart after injury.

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JournalRinsho byori. The Japanese journal of clinical pathology
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