Nonunion fragility fracture of the pelvis with complication from bladder rupture: A case report

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The incidence rate of bladder rupture associated with pelvic ring fractures is reported to be about 5–10%, mostly occurring at the time of injury. Fragility pelvic ring fractures are reported to increase fracture displacement or become nonunion if they are treated inadequately. Few case reports on bladder rupture associated with fragility pelvic ring fracture have been published. We report a rare case of delayed bladder rupture associated with a fragility fracture of the pelvis. A 65-year-old female felt right hip pain without sustaining any trauma. She was diagnosed with a right pubic rami fracture. However, her pain deteriorated, and a sacral fracture was identified one month later. She was prescribed teriparatide, but her pain worsened and she was referred to our hospital. She was diagnosed with fragility fracture of the pelvis (Rommens classification type IVb) and was treated operatively. During the surgery, her thin bladder wall, which was compressed by a displaced pubic fragment, was torn and repaired. This is the first report describing a fragility fracture of the pelvis associated with a bladder rupture. Our treatment led to a successful result.

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JournalTrauma Case Reports
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019


  • Bladder rupture
  • Fragility fracture of the pelvis (FFP)
  • Nonunion
  • Pelvic ring fracture

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