Permo-Triassic collision, subduction-zone metamorphism, and tectonic exhumation along the East Asian continental margin

W. G. Ernst, Tatsuki Tsujimori, Ruth Zhang, J. G. Liou

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    Convergent plate motion at ∼320-210 Ma generated the Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu (east-central China)-Imjingang-Gyeonggi (central Korea)-Renge-Suo (Southwestern Japan)-Sikhote-Alin orogen along the paleo-Pacific edge of cratonal Asia. This amalgamated belt reflects collision between the Sino-Korean and Yangtze cratons on the SW portion, and accretion of outboard oceanic arcs ± sialic fragments against the NE margin. Subducted Proterozoic-Paleozoic continental and oceanic crustal complexes underwent high- and ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism at low to moderate temperatures. Tectonic slices of sialic crust episodically disengaged from the down-going plate and, driven by buoyancy, ascended rapidly to midcrustal levels from depths exceeding 90-200 km after continental collision in east-central China plus or minus Korea, and from ∼30-50 km after arrival of far-traveled oceanic terranes in SW Japan and the Russian Far East. On achieving neutral buoyancy and stalling out at 10-20 km depth, later doming, gravitational collapse, and erosion exposed parts of the high- and ultrahigh-pressure complexes. This curvilinear orogen has been segmented and offset by major and minor transverse faults. Also, regional backarc spreading opened marginal basins behind the Permo-Triassic convergent suture zone, further disturbing portions oceanward.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2007

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    • Continental collision
    • Crustal accretion
    • Crustal evolution
    • High-pressure metamorphism
    • Permo-Triassic East Asian margin
    • Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism

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