Platelet dense granule membranes contain both granulophysin and P-selectin (GMP-140)

S. J. Israels, J. M. Gerrard, Y. V. Jacques, A. McNicol, B. Cham, M. Nishibori, D. F. Bainton

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We recently reported the characterization of a platelet granule membrane protein of molecular weight (mol wt) 40,000 called granulophysin (Gerrard et al: Blood 77:101, 1991), identified by a monoclonal antibody (MoAb D545) raised to purified dense granule membranes. Using immunoelectron-microscopic techniques on frozen thin sections, this protein was localized in resting and thrombin-stimulated platelets. In resting platelets, labeled with antigranulophysin antibodies and immunogold probes, label was localized to the membranes of one or two clear granules per platelet thin section. D545 also labeled dense granules in permeabilized whole platelets and isolated dense granule preparations examined by whole-mount techniques. Expression of granulophysin on the platelet surface paralleled dense granule secretion as measured by 14C-serotonin release under conditions in which lysosomal granule release, as measured by β-glucuronidase secretion, was less than 5%. After thrombin stimulation, both the surface-connected canalicular system and the plasma membrane were labeled, demonstrating redistribution of granulophysin associated with degranulation. Double labeling experiments with D545 and antibodies to the α-granule membrane protein, P-selectin, demonstrated labeling of both P-selectin and granulophysin on dense granule membranes. Distribution of both proteins on the plasma membrane after platelet stimulation was similar. The results demonstrate that granulophysin is localized to the dense granules of platelets and is redistributed to the plasma membrane after platelet activation.

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Publication statusPublished - 1992
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