Premature Atrial Contractions and Their Determinants in a General Population of Japanese Men

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Background: Premature atrial contractions (PACs) are predictors of atrial fibrillation, stroke, and cardiovascular mortality. The present study aimed to assess relevant factors for PACs among a general population of Japanese men. Methods and Results: This study conducted a population-based, cross-sectional study among 517 men, aged 40-79 years, with neither apparent myocardial infarction nor atrial fibrillation. 24-h Holter electrocardiography to assess PAC frequency was used. Age, body mass index, height, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, mean heart rate, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and lipid-lowering therapy were included in multivariable negative binomial regression analyses to assess correlation for the number of PACs per hour. Almost all participants (99%) had at least 1 PAC in 1h (median number 2.84 PACs per h). In multivariable negative binomial regression after adjusting for all covariates simultaneously, age (relative risk [95% confidence interval], 1.30 [1.08-1.57] per 1-standard deviation [SD] increment), height (1.19 [1.02-1.39] per 1-SD increment), triglycerides (0.79 [0.65-0.97] per 1-SD increment), mean heart rate (0.69 [0.59-0.80] per 1-SD increment), physical activity (0.63 [0.43-0.93]), current smoking (1.69 [1.06-2.69]), current moderate (1.97 [1.23-3.16]) and heavy (1.84 [1.12-3.01]) alcohol consumption were independently associated with PAC frequency. Conclusions: PAC frequency was independently associated with age, height, smoking, alcohol consumption, heart rate, physical activity, and triglycerides.

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