Putative Hall response of the strange metal component in FeSe1-x Sx

M. Čulo, M. Berben, Y. T. Hsu, J. Ayres, R. D.H. Hinlopen, S. Kasahara, Y. Matsuda, T. Shibauchi, N. E. Hussey

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Strange metals possess transport properties that are markedly different from those of a conventional Fermi liquid. Despite strong similarities in behavior exhibited by distinct families, a consistent description of strange metallic transport and, in particular, its evolution from low to high magnetic field strength H, is still lacking. The electron nematic FeSe1-xSx is one such strange metal displaying anomalous H/T scaling in its transverse magnetoresistance as well as a separation of transport and Hall lifetimes at low H beyond its (nematic) quantum critical point at xc∼0.17. Here we report a study of the Hall response of FeSe1-xSx across xc in fields up to 33 T. Upon subtraction of a normal H-linear component from the total Hall response (imposed by perfect charge compensation), we find a second component, ascribable to strange metal physics, that grows as 1/T upon approach to the quantum critical point. Through this decomposition, we reveal that lifetime separation is indeed driven primarily by the presence of the strange metal component.

Original languageEnglish
Article number023069
JournalPhysical Review Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Apr 23 2021

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