Robo-sensei personal Japanese tutor (version 1.0)

Eiko Ushida

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ROBO-SENSEI is the only Japanese multimedia software which utilizes AI and NLP. Although no educational software program is a perfect substitute for a human teacher’s guidance, the use of AI/NLP makes the program far more flexible in handling acceptable responses as opposed to simply matching a list of anticipate responses. It can be a very useful program for students of Japanese to learn, practice, and review ten important grammar points that are essential for developing communicative use of the language. So, too, it can help develop overall linguistic accuracy, sociocultural awareness, and typing accuracy. Robo-Sensei can profitably supplement most commonly used elementary and intermediate-level Japanese textbooks as a personal tutor that provides detailed and individualized feedback. It is to be hoped that a future version will include a record keeping function to further enhance its usefulness. In sum, Robo-Senseiis a unique, innovative, and useful addition to the Japanese language learning software market. It is very reasonably priced and it is now available for Macs as well as PCs.

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JournalCALICO Journal
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2007
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