Synthesis and properties of S,R-alternating octinaphthalenes

Kazuto Takaishi, Daisuke Sue, Shunsuke Kuwahara, Nobuyuki Harada, Takeo Kawabata, Kazunori Tsubaki

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(S,R,S,R,S,R,S)- and (S,R,S,S,S,R,S)-octinaphthalenes were synthesized by oxidative coupling of (S,R,S)-quaternaphthalene, and differences due to axis chirality of (S,R,S,R,S,R,S)-, (S,R,S,S,S,R,S)-, (S,S,S,R,S,S,S)-, and (S,S,S,S,S,S,S)-octinaphthalenes were compared using the Rf values on TLC, specific optical rotations, 1H NMR chemical shifts of the hydroxy groups, and CD spectra. A clear CD additivity was found in the Δε values of the 1La transition around 290 nm, which are proportional to the difference between the numbers of S and R binaphthalene units.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6135-6140
Number of pages6
Issue number31
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 2009
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