Talc-phengite-albite assemblage in piemontite-quartz schist of the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, central Shikoku, Japan

J. Izadyar, T. Hirajima, D. Nakamura

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The talc (Tlc) + phengite (Phn) + albite (Ab) assemblage is newly confirmed in MnO(total)-rich (1.65 wt% in average) piemontite-quartz schists from the intermediate- and high-grade part of the Sanbagawa belt, central Shikoku, Japan. Talc is in direct contact with Phn, Ab and chlorite (Chl) with sharp boundaries, suggesting that these four phases mutually coexist. Other primary constituents of the Tlc-bearing piemontite-quartz schist are spessartine, braunite, hematite (Ht), crossite/barroisite and dolomite. Phlogopite (Phl) rarely occurs as a later stage mineral developing along the rim of Phn. The studied piemontite-quartz schist has mg (= Mg/(Mg + Fe2+)) ~ 1.0, because of its high oxidation state. Schreinemakers' analysis in the KNMASH system and the mineral assemblage in the Sanbagawa belt propose a possible petrogenetic grid, in which the Tlc-Phn assemblage is stable in a P-T field surrounded by the following reactions: lower-pressure limit by Chl + Phl + quartz (Qtz) = Phn + Tlc + H2O as proposed by previous workers; higher-pressure limit by glaucophane + Qtz = Tlc + Ab + H2O; and higher-temperature limit by Tlc + Phn + Ab = Phl + paragonite + Qtz + H2O. Thermodynamic calculation based on the database of Holland and Powell (1998), however, suggests that the Tlc-Phn stability field defined by these reactions is unrealistically limited around 580-600 °C at 11.6-12.0 (± 0.7) kbar: Schreine-makers' analysis in the KNMA-Fe3+-SH system and the observed mineral assemblage predict that Chl + crossite = Tlc + Ab + Ht + H2O is a preferable Tlc-forming reaction in the intermediate-grade part of the Sanbagawa belt and that excess Ab + hematite narrows the stability field of the Tlc-Phn assemblage.

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JournalIsland Arc
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2000
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  • Japan
  • Piemontite-quartz schist
  • Sanbagawa belt
  • Schreinemakers' analysis
  • Talc-phengite assemblage

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