Taxonomic reorganization of family Partitiviridae and other recent progress in partitivirus research

Max L. Nibert, Said A. Ghabrial, Edgar Maiss, Till Lesker, Eeva J. Vainio, Daohong Jiang, Nobuhiro Suzuki

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Phylogenetic analyses have prompted a taxonomic reorganization of family Partitiviridae (encapsidated, bisegmented dsRNA viruses that infect plants, fungi, or protozoa), the focus of this review. After a brief introduction to partitiviruses, the taxonomic changes are discussed, including replacement of former genera Partitivirus, Alphacryptovirus, and Betacryptovirus, with new genera Alphapartitivirus, Betapartitivirus, Gammapartitivirus, and Deltapartitivirus, as well as redistribution of species among these new genera. To round out the review, other recent progress of note in partitivirus research is summarized, including discoveries of novel partitivirus sequences by metagenomic approaches and mining of sequence databases, determinations of fungal partitivirus particle structures, demonstrations of fungal partitivirus transmission to new fungal host species, evidence for other aspects of partitivirus-host interactions and host effects, and identification of other fungal or plant viruses with some similarities to partitiviruses. Some outstanding questions are also discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)128-141
Number of pages14
JournalVirus research
Publication statusPublished - Aug 8 2014


  • Cryptovirus
  • DsRNA virus
  • Fungal virus
  • Partitiviridae
  • Partitivirus
  • Plant virus
  • Protozoal virus
  • Virus taxonomy

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