Temperature dependence of the elastic moduli of ringwoodite

Norihito Mayama, Isao Suzuki, Toshiaki Saito, Ichiro Ohno, Tomoo Katsura, Akira Yoneda

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    The elastic moduli of polycrystalline ringwoodite, (Mg0.91 Fe0.09)2SiO4, were measured up to 470 K by means of the resonant sphere technique. The adiabatic bulk (KS) and shear (μ) moduli were found to be 185.1(2) and 118.22(6) GPa at room temperature, and the average slopes of dKS/dT and dμ/dT in the temperature range of the study were determined to be -0.0193(9) and -0.0148(3) GPa/K, respectively. Using these results, we estimate seismic wave velocity jumps for a pure olivine mantle model at 520 km depth. We find that the jump for the S-wave velocity is about 1.5 times larger than that for the P-wave velocity at this depth. This suggests that velocity jumps at the 520 km discontinuity are easier to detect using S-waves than P-waves.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)353-359
    Number of pages7
    JournalPhysics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
    Issue number2-4
    Publication statusPublished - Feb 2005


    • 520km discontinuity
    • Elastic moduli
    • High temperature
    • Ringwoodite

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