The interchange between hospital pharmacists and pharmacists: Evaluation of practical classes "chozaigijutsu-konwakai"' from the participants

Yasutaka Nakamura, Hiromitsu Nakasa, Atsushi Hasegawa, Tohru Matsushima, Maharu Kimura, Mizuho Shibata, Gou Miura, Yoshinori Inano, Tomoko Ohtsuka, Rieko Akashi, Keiko Tanno, Noritaka Ariyoshi, Kazuyoshi Nakazawa, Hitoshi Nakamura, Shigeru Ohmori, Mitsukazu Kitada

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We have held practical classes called chozaigijutsu-konwakai(Konwakai) for pharmacists working in drugstores every month since December 1994. Konwakai is composed of lectures and practice. The practice is carried out for pharmacists to obtain a better understanding of prescriptions and compounding them in exercises. In this study, we analyzed the answers to questionnaires distributed at the end of each konwakai to all participants. It was found that the age of participants as well as the length of compounding experience varied markedly, indicating that pharmacists of various generations are interested in konwakai. Regarding the contents of lectures and practice, the answers indicated that the practice was particularly useful, suggesting the importance of exercise for learning techniques in compounding. Since there were many requests for consultations on routine work, frequent communications between pharmacists in the hospital and drugstores appears necessary. In conclusion, regular meetings including practical classes such as konwakai are very important for pharmacists in drugstores that receive prescriptions from hospitals. Further efforts to improve the konwakai should be maid in the future.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)463-468
Number of pages6
JournalYakugaku Zasshi
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2003
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  • Pharmaceutical education
  • Pharmacist
  • Practice
  • Questionnaire

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