The Long-Term Outcomes of Endoscopic Papillectomy and Management of Cases of Incomplete Resection: A Single-Center Study

Shinichiro Muro, Hironari Kato, Akihiro Matsumi, Yuki Ishihara, Yosuke Saragai, Shuntaro Yabe, Saimon Takata, Daisuke Uchida, Takeshi Tomoda, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Shigeru Horiguchi, Hiroyuki Okada

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Background: Endoscopic papillectomy is increasingly performed as an alternative to surgery for early ampullary tumors. Aim: This retrospective study aimed to evaluate the long-term results of endoscopic papillectomy, the management of cases with incomplete endoscopic resection, and the long-term recurrence rates. Methods: All 46 patients who underwent endoscopic papillectomy for ampullary tumors between November 2003 and March 2018 were retrospectively evaluated. Results: The final pathological diagnoses were adenoma (n = 44) and adenocarcinoma (n = 2). Histopathological evaluations after endoscopic papillectomy revealed that complete resection was achieved in 19 patients (19/46, 41.3%). Among the 27 patients with incomplete resection, the margin was histopathologically positive in 14 patients and difficult to evaluate in 13. Additional surgery was performed for 2 of the 14 patients with positive margins. Excluding 2 patients who received additional surgery, 7 of the 25 patients with incomplete resection had recurrence, and 18 had no recurrence during the follow-up period. Ten (77%) of the 13 patients in whom the margin was difficult to evaluate had no recurrence. Conclusion: Approximately 80% of the patients in whom the histopathological evaluation of the resected margin was difficult had no recurrence even after approximately 5 years of follow-up. Thus, careful observation may be considered for these patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1247-1252
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2021


  • Ampullary adenoma
  • Endoscopic resection
  • Long-term observations

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