The outcome of partial hepatic resection for small liver cancer

Noboru Miichi, Hisashi Mimura, Keisuke Hamazaki, Hiromasa Kashino, Hiromu Tsuge, Takahiro Okabayashi, Mitsuki Mori, Masayuki Yunoki, Kunzo Orita, Tadashi Yoshino

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The prognosis and histopathological conditions of 12 cases of small liver cancer subjected to partial hepatectomy (HrO) were investigated. The cumulative survival rate was 100% for one year, 75% for 2 years and 64% for 3 years. Among the five patients who died within 3 years, three died of non-recurrent hepatic failure, and the prognosis depended on the worsening of the liver dysfunction (liver cirrhosis) as the cancer progressed. Two recurrences out of 12 cases were seen within 2 years postoperatively, and one recurrence occurred in seven cases of TW(+) operations. TW(+) is not always an important factor in recurrences and there appear to be many cases where complete cures can be obtained with HrO. It is more important to prevent postoperative worsening of the liver dysfunction by removing less of the liver depending on the case. In the histopathological examinaitons, fc-inf(-), fc(-) and v(-) cases showed no recurrences, but there was a high rate of recurence in fc-inf(+) and v(+) cases. When attention was focused on the type of growth in the area of advanced infiltration, the recurrent cases were mainly ig, while the non-recurrent cases were mainly eg.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1617-1622
Number of pages6
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1989

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