Trends in sleep problems and patterns among Japanese adolescents: 2004 to 2017

Yuichiro Otsuka, Yoshitaka Kaneita, Adam P. Spira, Ramin Mojtabai, Osamu Itani, Maki Jike, Susumu Higuchi, Hideyuki Kanda, Yuki Kuwabara, Aya Kinjo, Yoneatsu Osaki

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Background: Sleep problems in adolescence, such as insomnia and short sleep duration, are associated with physical and mental health problems. However, little is known about the recent trends in sleep problems among adolescents. Therefore, this study examined trends in sleep problems among Japanese adolescents. Methods: Using data from the Lifestyle Survey of Adolescents collected in 2004 (n = 102,451), 2008 (n = 95,680), 2010 (n = 98,867), 2012 (n = 101,134), 2014 (n = 85,931), and 2017 (n = 64,417), we calculated the trends of insomnia, shorter sleep duration, late bedtimes, and poor sleep quality. Multivariable logistic regression analysis models were used to examine the association of each sleep problem and survey years. Findings: We analyzed data from 545,285 Japanese adolescents. Results indicated that, since 2004, the odds ratio for insomnia have decreased (Adjusted odds ratio [AOR] 0•85, 95% CI 0•82–0•87), as have the odds ratio for poor sleep quality (AOR 0•92, 95% CI 0•88–0•95). However, the odds ratio for shorter sleep duration (AOR 1•13, 95% CI 1•10–1•17) and late bedtimes tended to increase (AOR 1•06, 95% CI 1•03–1•08) during this period. Interpretation: The prevalence of insomnia symptoms and poor sleep quality among adolescents decreased from 2004 to 2017. However, there were increasing trends toward shorter sleep duration and late bedtimes. These changes are both relieving and concerning. Teachers, parents, and health professionals should consider educating adolescents regarding sleep hygiene, adjusting schedules of extracurricular activities, and enhancing time management to improve their sleep quantity. Funding: This study received funding from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100107
JournalThe Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2021
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