Whole earth tectonics

M. Kumazawa, S. Maruyama

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    The planet Earth has a multiple stratified structure composed of a rigid but mobile lithospheric lid at the top to a still growing inner core at the center. Plate tectonics covers the subsurface Earth shallower than several hundreds kilometers in terms of the movement of the lithosphere generated at the spreading center to the consuming plate boundary. Plume tectonics is a dominant style of convection in the major part of mantle where two super-upwellings and one super-downwelling appear to prevail. Plate tectonics controls the plume tectonics, and the plume tectonics influences the plate tectonics. A trial of synthesizing the tectonic evolution of the Earth and terrestrial planets is made from their birth to future and from the surface to the center. -from Authors

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    JournalJournal - Geological Society of Japan
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    Publication statusPublished - 1994

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