A systematic review of scales that measure attitudes toward suicide

Manami Kodaka, Vita Poštuvan, Masatoshi Inagaki, Mitsuhiko Yamada


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Background: Studies on attitudes toward suicide are of great interest to researchers worldwide. Although various instruments have been developed to measure attitudes toward suicide, psychometric properties of these instruments have not been systematically reviewed and organized. Aim: We aimed to identify valid, reliable and feasible attitudinal scales by systematically reviewing published articles on scale development and validation studies. In particular, this study focused on scales used for a wide range of populations to measure multidimensional attitudes toward suicide and related issues. Methods: Electronic searches of two databases, PubMed and PsychInfo, were performed. Scales with unique names were identified and listed after reviewing selected publications, and then evaluated for psychometric properties, multidimensionality and appropriateness for a wide range of populations. Results: A total of 2,210 publications were identified by the first electronic search. In the final review process of the selected publications, three scales - the Suicide Opinion Questionnaire (SOQ), Suicide Attitude Questionnaire (SUIATT) and Attitudes Toward Suicide (ATTS) - were identified. Conclusion: Each of these scales has its own characteristics and should be used in accordance with research purposes.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Social Psychiatry
出版ステータスPublished - 7月 2011

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