Cholera rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of vibrio cholerae o1: An updated meta-analysis

Basilua Andre Muzembo, Kei Kitahara, Ayumu Ohno, Anusuya Debnath, Keinosuke Okamoto, Shin Ichi Miyoshi


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The rapid diagnosis of cholera contributes to adequate outbreak management. This meta-analysis assesses the diagnostic accuracy of cholera rapid tests (RDTs) to detect Vibrio cholerae O1. Methods: Systematic review and meta-analysis. We searched four databases (Medline, EMBASE, Google Scholar, and Web of Science up to 8 September 2021) for studies that evaluated cholera RDTs for the detection of V. cholerae O1 compared with either stool culture or polymerase chain reaction (PCR). We assessed the studies’ quality using the QUADAS-2 criteria. In addition, in this update, GRADE approach was used to rate the overall certainty of the evidence. We performed a bivariate random-effects meta-analysis to calculate the pooled sensitivity and specificity of cholera RDTs. Results: Overall, 20 studies were included in this meta-analysis. Studies were from Africa (n = 11), Asia (n = 7), and America (Haiti; n = 2). They evaluated eight RDTs (Crystal VC-O1, Crystal VC, Cholkit, Institut Pasteur cholera dipstick, SD Bioline, Artron, Cholera Smart O1, and Smart II Cholera O1). Using direct specimen testing, sensitivity and specificity of RDTs were 90% (95% CI, 86 to 93) and 86% (95% CI, 81 to 90), respectively. Cholera Sensitivity was higher in studies conducted in Africa [92% (95% CI, 89 to 94)] compared with Asia [82% (95% CI, 77 to 87)]. However, specificity [83% (95% CI, 71 to 91)] was lower in Africa compared with Asia [90% (95% CI, 84 to 94)]. GRADE quality of evidence was estimated as moderate. Conclusions: Against culture or PCR, current cholera RDTs have moderate sensitivity and specificity for detecting Vibrio cholerae O1.

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