Chondrosarcoma of the pelvis

Toshifumi Ozaki, Axel Hillmann, Norbert Lindner, Sebastian Blasius, Winfried Winkelmann


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Thirty-one patients with chondrosarcoma of the pelvis were reviewed. The median followup period of the surviving patients was 66 months. Thirteen of 23 tumors after surgery with inadequate margins (57%) and 1 of 8 after surgery with adequate margins (13%) relapsed locally. Four of 10 patients had local recurrence, 2 of 2 patients had metastasis, and 4 of 4 patients who had local recurrence and metastasis died. A cumulative 10-year overall survival of patients with pelvic chondrosarcoma was 54%. Patients who had primary or high grade chondrosarcoma had a poor prognosis. Multivariate analysis (Cox proportional hazard model) showed that tumor type was the most important prognostic factor. Eight patients underwent hindquarter amputation, 6 patients had resection alone, and 17 patients had resection and reconstruction as follows: 3 interpubic arthrodeses, 2 iliosacral arthrodeses, 3 ischiofemoral arthrodeses, 8 hip prostheses 13 prostheses alone and 5 prostheses with allograft), and 1 hip transposition. Failure of reconstruction was attributed to infection in 5 patients, local recurrence of tumor in 5, and local recurrence and fracture of implant in 1 patient.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1997

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