Collaborative experimental and computational study of a dual-mode scramjet combustor

Robert D. Rockwell, Christopher P. Goyne, Brian E. Rice, Toshinori Kouchi, James C. McDaniel, Jack R. Edwards


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Advanced computational models of hypersonic air-breathing combustion processes are being developed to better understand and predict the complex flows within a dual-mode scramjet combustor. However, the accuracy of these models can only be quantified through comparison to experimental databases. Moreover, the quality of computational results is dependent on accurate and detailed knowledge of the combustor inflow and boundary conditions. Toward these ends, this paper describes results from a collaboration of experimental and computational investigators. Detailed computational fluid dynamics and finite element analyses were performed throughout the design and implementation of experiments involving a direct-connect scramjet combustor operating at steady state during long duration testing. The test section hardware was designed to provide substantial access for optical laser diagnostics. Measurement locations included the inflow plane and several locations downstream of fuel injection. A suite of advanced in-stream diagnostics were applied, many of which are described in companion papers. Significant results in this paper include measured static wall pressures and temperatures, stereoscopic particle image velocimetry, and focused schlieren imaging. Validated thermal finite element calculations in the scramjet hardware and temperature maps of the flow path boundaries are also presented. Comparison of experimental results with computational fluid dynamics predictions are discussed in a separate paper.

ジャーナルJournal of Propulsion and Power
出版ステータスPublished - 2014

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