Computer-aided plant enterprise safety management system (CAPE-SAFE) - Design framework

Hossam A. Gabbar, P. W.H. Chung, Yukiyasu Shimada, Kazuhiko Suzuki


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Recent researches in the area of safety engineering highlighted the role of automated (computer-aided) tools in managing plant enterprise safety activities. This research has been carried out as collaboration with industry to design a computer-aided plant enterprise safety management system called CAPE-SAFE. The solution has been proposed to fulfill the need for standard and integrated safety management system that covers all aspects of plant enterprise safety. The proposed solution is integrated with other systems and components within plant enterprise engineering environment (PEEE) to enable exchanging and sharing lifecycle information and knowledge. The information system structure of the proposed solution has been presented as well as the design framework of the system components and modules. Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) continuous plant is used as a case study to illustrate the mechanism of CAPE-SAFE and to describe the interaction with other components within PEEE. The proposed solution will help in reducing the overall operating cost as well as the risk associated with plant operation.

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出版ステータスPublished - 4月 1 2002

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