Concurrent hodgkin's disease (mixed cellularity type) and T-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia/prolymphocytic leukemia

Akira Miyata, Kensuke Kojima, Tadashi Yoshino, Soichirou Fujii, Katsuji Shinagawa, Koichi Ichimura


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We describe a patient with leukopenic T-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia/prolymphocytic leukemia (T-CLL/PLL), according to the Revised European-American Classification of Lymphoid Neoplasms. This patient simultaneously developed classic Hodgkin's disease (HD), a combination previously unreported.The leukemic cells were small and mature, did not have cytoplasmic granulation, and appeared similar to B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Immunophenotyping of the bone marrow-infiltrating cells revealed a postthymic suppressor/cytotoxic phenotype of CD2+, CD3+, CD4-, CD5+, CD8+, CD25-, TCR-α β. A lymph node biopsy showed the histological features of HD (mixed cellularity) with infiltrating CD8+ lymphocytes, and immunohistochemical examination revealed the following phenotype of Reed-Sternberg cells: LeuM1/CD15+, Berm/CD30+, L26/PanB-, UCHL-1/CD45RO-, cyCD3-, CD4-, CD8-, CD20-, CD79a-, EMA-, EBER-1+, LMP-1+. Southern blot analysis of the bone marrow and lymph node revealed the same rearrangement of bands of T-cell-receptor genes. Although the HD was treated with chemotherapy that resulted in complete remission, the T-PLL/CLL took an indolent course. This case may suggest the existence of a subtype of T-CLL/PLL with leukopenia and an indolent clinical course. Both diseases were believed to be independent and not a transformation of one to the other.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Hematology
出版ステータスPublished - 2001

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