Degradation characteristics of YBCO-coated conductors subjected to overcurrent pulse

Atsushi Ishiyama, Yukiyasu Nishio, Hiroshi Ueda, Naoji Kashima, Masami Mori, Tomonori Watanabe, Shigeo Nagaya, Masashi Yagi, Shinichi Mukoyama, Takato Machi, Yuh Shiohara


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YBCO tapes are expected to be used in future high temperature superconducting (HTS) applications because of their good Jc characteristics at high temperatures and in high applied magnetic fields. In applications to electric power devices such as transmission cables, transformers, and fault current limiters, the HTS conductors will be subjected to short-circuit fault currents that are 10 to 30 times the normal operating current. These overcurrents are greater than the critical current, and degrade or burn-out the HTS conductors. Therefore, it is important to clarify the mechanism of the degradation caused by such overcurrent pulses. We carried out preliminary experiments on damage caused by overcurrent pulse drive, focusing on the temperature limitation without suffering degradation for overcurrent pulse operation. A 10-mm-wide YBCO tape was cut into 2-mm-wide sample tapes by a laser beam, and the sample tapes were soldered on silver-deposited 100-μm-thick copper plates. Overcurrent tests were carried out on these sample tapes and Ic degradation was investigated. In addition the contact interface between YBCO and the Ag layer or buffer layer before and after the overcurrent drives has been investigated in order to clarify the correlation between the degradation and delamination of sample tapes.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
出版ステータスPublished - 6月 2009

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