Development of dental implant movement (IM) checker for dental implant mobility assessment

Sastra Kusuma Wijaya, Takuya Sumikawa, Keiji Saratani, Takayoshi Kawazoe, Hisao Oka



This study aimed at developing a dental implant movement (IM) checker for assessing quantitative dental implant mobility. The design of the instrument was based on the tooth mobility (TM) tester, which was previously developed by our group. The IM checker consists of a newly developed measuring probe which has the size of a typical dental drill so that it would be easy to measure at all regions of dental implants. The probe has a bimorph ceramics transducer for actuating an implant at constant frequency and force amplitude and for detecting acceleration response. A set of strain gauges were attached to the bimorph ceramics for detecting preload during measurement. A new digital data acquisition system was used to eliminate measurement artifacts mainly due to probe handling. The IM checker could discriminate the artificial dental implant models in the range of clinical tooth mobility MO with variation less than 6%. The measuring time needed by five operators was less than 15 s. Accordingly, the IM checker has sufficient measuring reliability and therefore it could be introduced in dental clinics.

ジャーナルTechnology and Health Care
出版ステータスPublished - 5月 17 2004

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